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Helping as many people especially disable and the poor to reach their optimal peaceful, physical emotional collectives healthy goal 

Healing myself from Covid 19 in April with no drug, especially not taking any drugs in 20 years made me to come to  the conclusion that the traditional Healing my GrandMother  Tete Kennedy taught me is as important as Western Healing

George Kelly, an American personality psychologist and philosopher, developed the philosophy that he called  ‘Constructive Alternativism’, which challenges the notion of a single objective reality. Although  reality exists, it can be constructed, interpreted and understood in different ways. For example, the traditional  healer has a different construction and etiology about many sickness to that of a Western Doctors. The  Western Doctors may primarily look at the biological (chemical) basis causes of most sicknesses, while the traditional  healer might look at poor hygiene, disrespect and use of profanity on the elderly, and women, hatred, jealously as the  cause of many sicknesses. And water, exercises,  fruits and leaves, good hygiene prayer respect for elderly, women, and ancestors, love for all mankind, Peace and Unity as prevention and therapeutic cure for most sickness

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