Reuben GobAH Accomplishments for Fitness World Peace Award

Rueben Gobah Biography

Rueben Gobah has been a World Peace Advocator, and helping people with fitness for many years, In 1988 He organized the first Peace and unity festival in Monrovia Liberia to help prevent the 11 year Civil war, and work with the Baha’is faith to host the first World Peace and Unity festival in West Africa on the same day December 24 1989 the war started in Liberian at the Unity Conference Center. the 11 years deadly Civil war that destroyed his country and killed many of his families and friends just to name a few; his first daughter, father, 3 brother, expecting wife, 3 uncle and many more. He was also almost killed many times and especially in 1991 for 5 months he could not walk because of the beating and torture when he fell in Arm bush for refusing to take up arms against his own people.

He has suffered greatly at the cost of peace. And  because of all these losses and what he has been through, he has devoted his life to the love for every human being on the planet thereby choosing to use his talents to promote World Peace and fitness.

In 1993 doing the cease fire he establish the Sound Of Peace Band in collaboration with the Liberian United Nation Association he organizes series of Peace and Unity festival that brought some of the Rebel leaders together which was sponsor by the Cathedral church, United Nation, and Gen. Fame Williams from Nigeria ECOWAS field commander, this was when he a produce a peace musical album at the time in honor of the West African Peacekeeper ECOWAS. Money from the Festival was used to rebuild the Federation of the Disabled, and reopen the Group of 77, office on Newport street in Monrovia Liberia. When the ceasefire agreement broke 1995 he was lost on a refugee old 1935 Russian ship named the Zolotitsa for a month without food on the Atlantic Ocean. The United Nation and the state department sent people to help look for the ship. Even on the ship he was promoting peace among the various refugee nationals that were hungry afraid to die and angry on the ship.  As a refugee in Ivory Coast, 1997-99 he again established a Peace and unity organization where he had a serious Unity sport and musical festival sponsored by UNDP to bring refugees from various rebel factions together. In the United States in 2000 he Performed for the World Planetary Day on the Washington D.C. Mall –

2001, he performed at the  World Peace Festival in New York, 2002, on the National Mall at the Lincoln Monument, Sept. 11, memory service for the victims of 9/11, also in 2002 Represented Liberian at the American NGO International Conference and was guest speaker on the topic World Peace at the Federation of Non-Profit Organization 2001. Washington DC 2002, won the Co-hosted for POP across America on TNN TV in Washington DC, where he was highly energetic that James Brown the God father of soul who was the guest star on the show complimented him as the African soul man. He also won Gold plaque, two gold medals and two silver medals for best acting, singing and dancing at the World Championships for Performing Arts in Hollywood promoting World Peace with his song Peace and Unity, and stop arm bush in Africa. He have also organizes and perform for many special United Nation Peace holiday days like; the Elimination of violence against women day, Earth day Refugees day, United Nation day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, International Day for Tolerance, Human Rights Day,   World Day for Cultural Diversity and many more.

All this time as a fitness specialist he has also been helping thousands of people with their health and fitness, and working at Costco, various gym and elderly care centers including Equinox fitness gym, Sunrise assisting living doing which time he had a positive effect changing people’s lives around the World in person and online.