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Our main focus is to promote a healthy, harmonious, and stress-free society through various constructive social forces such as entertainment, chess, and sporting activities. We believe that these activities can contribute towards building healthy and fit communities, as well as promoting world peace.

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Who I am and Why I Founded Zina Singing 4 Peace & Fitness

I am a lifelong advocate for world peace and have dedicated my life to helping those in need, particularly the disabled. In 1988, I organized the first World Peace and Unity Festival in Monrovia, Liberia, in an effort to prevent the 11-year civil war. I collaborated with the Catholic Church and the Baha’i faith to host the festival on December 24, 1989, the same day the war started in Liberia at the Unity Conference Center. Unfortunately, the war caused devastation and took the lives of over 250,000 people, including my first daughter, Zina, after whom I named my organization. The war also claimed the lives of my father, three brothers, expected wife, uncles, and many friends.

Despite facing immense danger and suffering, I have continued to devote myself to promoting world peace and love for every human being on this planet. In 1993, during a ceasefire, I established the Sound of Peace Band and collaborated with the Liberian United Nations Association to organize a series of peace and unity festivals that brought rebel leaders together. These festivals were sponsored by the Cathedral Church, the United Nations, and General Fame Williams from Nigeria’s ECOWAS field commander. The money from the festival was used to rebuild the Federation of the Disabled, reopen the Group of 77 office on Newport street in Monrovia, and help some musicians get back on their feet.

When the ceasefire agreement broke down in 1995, I was lost at sea with other refugees on an old 1935 Russian ship named the Zolotitsa for a month without food on the Atlantic Ocean. Even on the ship, I promoted peace among the various refugee nationals who were hungry and angry. As a refugee in Ivory Coast from 1997-99, I established another peace and unity organization, hosting serious unity sports and musical festivals to celebrate Refugee Day, sponsored by the UNDP. These festivals brought refugees from various rebel factions together and promoted unity.

In 2000, upon arriving in the United States, I performed at the World Planetary Day on the Washington DC Mall. In 2001, I also performed at the World Peace Festival in New York, followed by a performance at the Lincoln Monument on the National Mall in 2002. That same year, I hosted the first Sept. 11 memory service for the victims of 9/11, and represented Liberia at the American NGO International Conference where I was a guest speaker on the topic of World Peace at the Federation of Non-Profit Organization in Washington DC. Also in 2002, I co-hosted POP across America on TNN TV in Washington DC, and was described as the African soul man by James Brown, the Godfather of soul, due to my high energy on stage. At the World Championships for Performing Arts in Hollywood, I won a Gold plaque, two gold medals, and two silver medals for best acting, singing, and dancing while promoting World Peace with my songs “Peace and Unity” and “Stop Arm Bush in Africa.”

Over the years, I have also organized and performed at numerous United Nation Peace holiday days, including the Elimination of Violence Against Women day, Earth Day, Refugees Day, United Nations Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, International Day for Tolerance, Human Rights Day, World Day for Cultural Diversity, and many others. I achieved all of this while working as a fitness specialist at various fitness centers such as 24 Hour Fitness Equinox, Bally Total Fitness, and LA Fitness. Additionally, I assisted thousands of members at Costco with their health and fitness, never missing a work day, and even worked after running 2 to 3 marathons each year.

Finally, I also worked for three years at Sunrise Assisted Living in VA and CA, helping the elderly. Considering my past accomplishments and the current state of the world, I strongly believe that God and my ancestors want me to continue working towards world peace and helping those in need. This is why I have decided to establish my own organization, and I invite everyone who believes in world peace and helping others to join me in this mission to save our only home, Earth.

Reuben Gobah Chief Executive Officer Fitness and World Peace Ambassador

Jessie Evans

             Teta Sirleaf